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System integration, Technology & Innovation

Imola Informatica

Imola Informatica is an independent IT consulting company. We have over twenty years of experience serving public and private companies, we offer IT consultancy and skill transfer activities to accompany companies towards a future of digital innovation. We design the evolution of complex information systems and provide organizations with strategic support in technological choices. Our approach to the client consists in a concrete, continuous and highly qualified and personalized coaching. IT Architect, Advisory Services, Knowledge Management, Security and Privacy, Delivery are our main areas of intervention

Venture Capital & Advisory

Miro Venture

Miro Venture is a Venture Capital vehicle that invests in innovative Italian startups and SMEs with high potential. Our target is made up of initiatives characterized by elements of sustainable differentiation and with scalable business models to be accompanied in a process of structuring and rapid growth, leveraging on a unique mix of Capital, Managerial Skills, Business Network.

Scalable Skills Architecture

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