Manufacturing sectorsManufacturing sectors

Manufacturing sectors

The challenges in these sectors range from defining new growth paths, vertical or horizontal consolidation, and differentiation to finding new forms of operational efficiency and investing in automation and production innovation.

These challenges must be addressed in the medium to long term, ensuring sustainability and continuous growth of the business, however, without neglecting the need to compete on the market today and generate concrete results for the company, its members and the community around it. At T8P, we work closely with our clients in a variety of industries on both strategic and operational performance optimisation projects, with one common denominator: to generate a tangible and sustainable return on our consulting investment, ranging from the search for new forms of operational efficiency to strategic innovation initiatives, all with the aim of increasing our clients’ competitiveness.

Strategic development, Operations and organization,
Cost Efficiency

Strategic development
  • Definition of medium to long-term strategies
  • Expanding and restructuring the product portfolio
  • Designing new business models
  • Business strategy redesign
  • Sustainability strategy and carbon neutrality
Acquisition and Mergers
  • “Integrated” approach from target identification to support in the post-acquisition integration process
Redesigning operating models
  • Eccellenza operativa (Lean / SixSigma)
  • Improving maintenance performance
  • Redesigning service models
  • Strategy for digitisation and process automation
Organizational redesign
  • Production
  • Supply Chain
  • Quality
  • Engineering and Maintenance
  • Support functions
Cost optimization
  • Zero based budget review and optimization
  • Purchase optimization programs
  • Energy Efficiency Initiatives
  • Optimization of warehouse management
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