Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

+ Digital + Innovation

Digital as a medium, digital as an opportunity to improve business models, to reach clients, prospects and stakeholders more effectively, and to innovate efficiently and sustainably.

Digital transformation does not only refer to business contexts, but the impact of technology and innovation also affects other organizations such as public administration, third sector agencies and entities that are involved in addressing challenges in society.

Digital transformation is the change in organizational activities and processes, skills and business models, which are carried out to fully take advantage of the opportunities that the mix of digital technologies and innovation brings. Development revolves around the ability to be more agile, people-oriented, innovative, client-focused, streamlined, efficient and able to encourage/take advantage of opportunities to change the status quo quickly and generate revenue from new information and services that arise.

Optimisation of the customer experience, operational flexibility and innovation are the three main drivers of digital transformation, together with the development of new sources of revenue and information-based value ecosystems, leading to business model transformations and new forms of digital processes.

Our digital transformation strategy aims to build capacity within the organization to fully make use of all the possibilities and opportunities of new technologies and their impact in the most effective and innovative way. A digital transformation journey requires a step-by-step approach, with a clear roadmap, which must involve a variety of parties and stakeholders, going beyond the rigid hierarchical corporate division.

The pillars of Digital Transformation

01. Culture

02. Customer Experience

03. People

04. Innovation

05. Change

06. Leadership

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