ESG & Sustainability

ESG & Sustainability


Sustainability represents a challenge that has strong impacts on the strategies of companies, organizations and institutions and, consequently, on their operational choices; climate change, social impacts caused by pandemics, demographic evolution, instability and geo-political crises, have led to a growing global interest in sustainable development models.

Doing and developing business in a sustainable way also means paying attention to the social context: only those who behave in an attentive and responsible way with respect to the dynamics of the surrounding social system can imagine a path of economic, solid and lasting growth.

In this period of enormous change, clients, employees and investors are turning to companies and organizations with pressing demands for commitments to society and the planet, commitments that must be translated into the production and marketing of increasingly sustainable products/services and consistent and transparent behavior. This method is not only necessary but has become strategic as it improves corporate reputation, stimulates innovation, develops greater employee engagement and attracts new talent, creating the conditions for profitable long-term growth.

The role of companies in society has evolved. Positive impact on the social context and dynamics, the environment, well-being and social equity will increasingly be foundational elements of a business strategy and not a side effect of its success, and fully assuming this responsibility can result in a significant competitive advantage.

At T8P, we support our clients in starting and implementing a concrete path of sustainable development; we support and help them to become open systems and more resilient to change, in a continuous relationship with their stakeholders, on a common path of growth and success.

The key elements of a sustainable management model

Sustainability Assessment and Plan

  • Current analysis of sustainable positioning
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Action plan
  • Objectives, actions and projects, KPIs and targets
  • Controlling and monitoring performance

Stakeholder Management

  • Stakeholder mapping/engagement
  • Materiality Analysis

Environmental impact

  • Carbon Footprint
  • Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Reporting/Positioning and Training Plans

  • Sustainability Report, DNF, Integrated Report
  • Sustainable communication/marketing plans
  • Internal training

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