CSR and Women's Empowerment

Culture open to diversityCulture open to diversity
CSR and Women's Empowerment

Culture open to diversity

Creating a culture open to diversity and inclusive is the opportunity that companies have to guide their own growth and generate a positive impact on local communities and society.

Operating on the market as a responsible leader and having a structured program of Corporate Social Responsibility activities for organizations means unleashing the potential of their people, allowing them to achieve complete self-expression and to create shared value for all company stakeholders. At the same time, they foster a positive economic impact by enhancing the brand, improving performance and financial results and attracting the best talents.

Well-defined messages, systematic measurement, clear and continuous communication are the elements that make corporate social responsibility a competitive value for the business.


T8P helps companies to create a unique and customized social responsibility path, based on their purpose and developed on a two-dimensional model: the internal perspective which affects motivation and engagement of employees, working climate, management of corporate diversity, gender inclusion and equality; the external one which pertains to some priorities for the society such as respect for human rights, volunteering and associations’ support.

Furthermore, T8P directs and supports the inclusion of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the organization’s strategies and activities in order to make customers agents of change.

Thanks to the consolidated experience of its high-level consultants  gained in over twenty years of activity, T8P develops practices and projects in the field of gender equality and female empowerment, operating as an accelerator of equality and enhancement of female talents.



  • Context analysis
  • Survey, focus groups and interviews
  • Key Performance Indicators setting
  • Reporting and certification support

Customer Strategy and Design

  • CSR Governance Framework
  • Action Plan definition
  • Strategic partnerships and alliances identification

Culture Transformation

  • Executives engagement and trainings
  • Employer branding
  • Storytelling and communications
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